Forgiven Not Forgotten - E.P.K.
Release: ??-??-1995  Distributor: Atlantic / Lava / 143    Code: ??????
1. The Corrs play "Along with the girls" acoustically. During this the name of the band members and what their instruments are are shown on the screen.

2. Interview section, questions: "Tell me about the band and your musical influences?" and "What created your unique style?"

3. The Runaway video, although it's not included in full (the end is cut short).

4. Interview section, questions: "How did you come to sign to Atlantic Records?" and "How did David Foster come to produce the album?" The latter question also has David Foster explaining part of the story from his side.

5. "Haste to the Wedding" is played acoustically.

6. Interview section, questions: "David Foster co-wrote a song with you. Tell me about it?" and "What are the advantages of being in a family band?" The first question has again an answer also from David Foster.

7. "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" is played acoustically.

8. Interview section, questions: "What is the touring set-up?" and "Do you prefer playing electric or acoustic?"

9. "Runaway" is played acoustically.

Playtime: 19 minutes

Forgiven Not Forgotten - E.P.K.
Release: 29-12-1995  Distributor: Warner Music Switzerland  Code: Compilation 1419
See Forgiven Not Forgotten - E.P.K. (above) for details.

Playtime: 19 minutes

The Corrs Promo Video
Release: ??-??-1996  Distributor: Atlantic / Lava / 143  Code: ??????
album_promotional_video_releases_6.jpg (6722 bytes) Contains the 19 minute Forgiven Not Forgotten E.P.K. (see above for details), plus the promo videos for The Right Time and I Never Loved You Anyway

Playtime: 25 minutes

Swiss Instore Video Promo
Release: 02-07-1996  Distributor: ????????  Code: ????????????
album_promotional_video_releases_7.jpg (4479 bytes) 6. The Corrs: Forgiven, Not Forgotten (Tour 1996)

The Corrs
Release: ??-??-????  Distributor: ????????  Code: ????????
This is a promo video including videoclips of the following 6 songs:

The Right Time
Forgiven Not Forgotten
Love To Love You
Only When I Sleep
I Never Loved You Anyway

1998 US Tour Promo Pack
Release: ??-??-????  Distributor: ????????  Code: ????????

Contents of '1998 US Tour Promo Pack':

1. Cover letter from Atlantic
2. Promotional flyer for 'Talk On Corners' and the US Tour
3. Promotional flyer specific to the Detroit gig
4. A 3 minute, 40 second promotional VHS video about The Corrs
5. Eleven 12"x12" posters on stiff card stock. The pictures are, Obverse: Talk On Corners album cover Reverse: A section of the back cover of the TOC CD booklet

Talk On Corners
Release: 10-10-1997  Distributor: Warner Music Switzerland  Code: Compilation No. 1555
Sales / promo piece for Talk On Corners 4:20