The Corrs: Corner To Corner
Release: ??-11-1999   Author: Paul Gaster   Publisher: Andre Deutsch Limited  
Code: ISBN 0-233-99634-6   Authorised Behind The Scenes Book
1. Introduction
2. First Contact
3. Showcase
4. Homecoming
5. Round Two
6. Down Under
7. Dreams
8. Touchdown

The Corrs: 21st Century Celts
Release: 29-09-1998   Author: Mark Freeth   Publisher: OZone Books  
Code: ISBN 0-7119-7521-3, OZ100122   Unofficial And Unauthorised Biography
The Corrs: 21st century celts is the first ever full colour illustrated biography of Ireland's latest musical sensation, featuring...

* The story of how the Corrs sisters Andrea, Sharon and Caroline and their brother Jim emerged from the coastal town of Dundalk in county Louth to achieve massive worldwide success..

* How their second album TALK ON CORNERS became number 1 in the UK 12 months after its initial release thanks to their hit cover of Fleetwood Mac's DREAMS...

* Biographical details of singer Andrea, violinist Sharon, drummer Caroline and multi-instrumentalist Jim - and their musical parents...

* How the Corrs' unique blend of traditional Irish and melodic pop music spread around the world, and found enormous success in America, Australia and Japan...

* And dozens of pictures of the group described by Q magazine as the "Most beautiful group in the world".

* Included full Corrs Discography

The Corrs: 21st Century Celts (Updated)
Release: 10-09-1999   Author: Mark Freeth   Publisher: OZone Books  
Code: ISBN 0-7119-7741-0, OZ100155   Unofficial And Unauthorised Biography
1. The Right Time
2. The Poetry Of Sound
3. Along With The Girls
4. Hopelessly Addicted
5. Celtic Overdrive

UK Discography

(New and Updated Edition)

The Corrs
Release: 15-04-1999   Author: Jane Cornwell   Publisher: Virgin Publishing 
Code: ISBN 1-85227-840-4   Unofficial And Unauthorised Biography
1. Introducing The Family
2. A Musical Upbringing
3. Jim Corr
4. Getting The Deal
5. Sharon Corr
6. Inspirations
7. Caroline Corr
8. The Albums
9. Andrea Corr
10. Touring The World
11. Britain, America and the Future

UK Discography

The Corrs Poster Book
Release: ??-??-1999   Author: Nichola Tyrrell   Publisher: Grandreams Ltd 
Code: ISBN 1-85830-785-6 / CORR1
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Unofficial poster book

Contains some biographical information, trivia, quotes and 23 tear-out posters.